Phil 9.10.15

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Lost my accounts on all the servers. Asked Ronda to look into it.
  • And since I can’t get on the server, asked Ronda to fix the setupModel.xml files to fix login issues.
  • Sent Dong a note to see what’s going on. He’ll take a look this weekend.
  • Some of my demos that use the WebGl3dCharts module were broken. The reason is that I was looking for items in the optional data objects and throwing a null. Two lessons:
    • FF console does not log this error
    • Just because you have static type checking in TypeScript doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use hasOwnProperty() to check if an item is present. Here’s the fix:
      var forceVisible:boolean = false;
      if(itemData.hasOwnProperty('data') &&'type')) {
          forceVisible = this.getForceVisible(;

      So now it’s much more robust.

    • Adding ability to modify text. Done. Changing the title also ripples through the display. I also don’t (re)calculate page rank if the weight hasn’t changed.  Also added

      for WebGlCanvas.

  • Found these guys (, who do keyboard biometrics. Trying to contact them.