Phil 10.7.15

8:00 – 6:00 SR

  • Gina’s still having problems logging on
  • Write up the DB and programming test for Lenny, since the next interview(?) won’t have me along
  • Banged away at PageRank and finally have it working. The matricies were evaporating, so I wound up layering inbound and outbound links over an identity matrix. That worked great. I need to think about why though.
  • Meeting with Dr. Pan and Dr. Lutters at 4:00(?). Went well.
    • One thing that came up in the discussion was how to feed in enough information to make the analytics work. Dr. Pan suggested using Politifact, since it’s well formatted ground truth that references a source. In essence, I could build a small java program that could iterate over all the PF reports and build a network for each of the Entities (or concepts) referenced. Once nice side effect is that this could be a ‘seed set’ of vetted data that could be used to inform other searches.
    • The other item discussed is whether this is what kind of view this is. Dr. Lutters suggested that this might be the analyst’s (development) view, while a consumer’s view would be more like a traditional  news feed, like