Phil 10.2.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • So far today, the roof is leaking, I’ve lost my badge, and the espresso machine is fried. Perfect Friday.
  • Still wondering where to calculate pagerank. Here’s the algorithm in JavaScript:
  • Looks like there isn’t a TypeScript version. I think I’ll start with the client version. That should allow for more interactivity. Maybe just calculate for all users on the server?
  • Implemented a PageRank algorithm from first principals. First, the versions that are out there are buggy. Second, because they use variable length arrays of links, you can’t put weights. The downside is that there is a performance hit, but on small networks that shouldn’t(?) be a problem.
  • One easy performance mod is to change the normalization process to first calculate the fraction, then create a multiplier of  1/that, so we’re multiplying rather than dividing.

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