Phil 10.1.15

8:00 – 4:30 SR

  • And Dreamhost is back up. Looks stable too.
  • Had a good discussion with Dr. Pan about next steps.
    • A simple page rank based on support/dispute value is a reasonable place to start
    • See how sensitive the Eigenvector is to:
      • Number of rated nodes
      • Support/dispute values
  • The query history is listing multiples where they are linked to a Wampeter.
    • The data object is coming back with redundant entries (my_query_guid_5). It’s not there in the DB, so tn_view_network_items is wrong. Fixed – I had to add ‘distinct’ to the select that makes the view. I thought it would be possible to nest selects, but something about views made that trickier.
  • Wire up type visibility checkboxes – Done. Had to spend a good deal of time pondering how to deal with the on-the-fly recalculation based on how many links an item has and what it’s default visibility is. Still need to hide objects if they are unselected and should not be visible. TODO.
  • Make Reset Positions set the origin to zero. Done.
  • Deployed the new version.

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