Phil 9.3.15

8:00 – 3:00 SR

  • More hoops to jump through for dev machine admin.
  • Training
  • Working with Ronda to get the new servers visible on the lab’s network.
  • Add a test in the NetworkChartInfo.addNetItems() method that checks to see if an item exists in the network but not in the data provider and delete it. Done. Add the appropriate call to the PHP to delete an item and get the new dataProvider back – done
  • Fix ‘+’ sign being added to search terms – done
  • Get the image textures to work – done
  • Get rid of ‘open link here’ and replace with ‘delete’ – done
  • Tried out the app on some lower-end machines and the physics become unstable. Need to add some velocity (and force?) clamping.

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