Phil 9.2.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Fixed a project name for Carla
  • Submitted a ticket for admin on the dev machine
  • We can see the new server in http, but not https, which is odd. Told Ronda about that, and and had Lenny send the url to some of the labs to see if it’s visible there as well.
  • Realized that I can use a view for the within network queries, where all the text can be concatenated, and possibly any associations as well? In other words, if the search returns a keyword or concept, all URLs that associate with that keyword can be displayed based on the relevance of the association…? TODO
  • Also, strip off any additional URL cruft? – Done
  • Housekeeping
    • Clear the network – Done
    • Overload the network and make sure that new items and associations don’t get added
      • Added check for items. Need to verify that associations already check. Yup, it’s there already.
  • Adding the pulls for http(s) and queries. Ran into a stupid bug where I was setting network_id with user_id

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