Phil 6.20.14

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Deployed new FA
  • Tried Maria, but too complex to upgrade
  • Full backups and deploy to integration server
  • The test server appears to run at 30% the speed of the integration server. I wrote up a small executable that will run a system call in a specified loop and time the result (the default is “cd .” 500 times. It takes 8.64 seconds on my dev workstation 21 seconds on the laptop. Should be interesting to see what the servers do.
  • Set selected id to the UUID for the THREE object3D.
  • Adding animation for changes in height, inner radius and outer radius. The callout for the name is getting changed to the original name whenever height or radius is changed.
  • And here’s how you use textures to exchange gpu calculation: