Phil 6.30.2014

8:00 – 3:00

  • Attempted to deploy new FA, but got a blank white screen. The player is 11.5.502.110. Weird.
  • Formbuilder.
  • Took a quick look at Polymer, which looks cool and is along the lines of what I’m wanting to build, but it appears alpha and broken-y.
  • While looking through my code example I’m prototyping, I noticed that the code was using a Y.Lang.sub() call where it appeared that an object containing values:
    • {ANSI: “55000”, STATE: “WISCONSIN”, TOTAL_POP: 5654774, LAND_AREA: 54310.1, POP_PER_SQ_MILE: 98.8}
    • was being inserted using the following format as a way of building table rows.
    • TEMPLATE_TR = ‘<tr id=”row_{ANSI}”><td>{STATE}</td><td>{TOTAL_POP}</td><td>{LAND_AREA}</td></tr>’;
    • So yay. Lots of other good stuf, including type checking. So pay more attention to this one! (
    • Also, this means that dynamic forms and tables can be built, with strings and types fed in in the configuration argument
  • Here’s how the panel will animate:
  • Starting to combine the panel and the table/recordset. It’s going pretty smoothly. I’m still using the data array, but I’ll move to more form-based data tomorrow or wednesday. Nicely, the height of the panel resizes based on what’s in it.  And I should be able to use the same module for the login form.

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