Phil 11.26.13

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Deployed new FA, RA, RQ swfs, RQ jar and some additional sql for queries and Reqonciler
  • Looks like I lost one of my access privileges. Hopefully this will be fixed before I loose access to the servers…
  • Meeting with Chris
  • PM Actuals are vanishing from the database. For John Parker, at least….
  • Needed to have the following jars to make this java->excel example run:
    • poi-3.9.jar
    • poi-ooxml-3.9.jar
    • poi-ooxml-schemas-3.9.jar
    • xbean.jar
  • Working on writing to cells next – Done. The CognosRowObject class will contain and write out values for a Cognos.xslx file.
  • Currently writing out random data. Need to get the data from the projects next.

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