Monthly Archives: November 2013

Phil 11.15.13

8:00 – 12:30 SR

  • Add appropriation name as a column
  • Overdue
    • Additional query Timeline – don’t cull the less than 21, but keep the greater than 2000
    • Acceptance – For any item that has a filled date field, don’t show.
    • Obligations – Don’t show if 100% obligated
  • Committed amount is currently using Cognos data for committed amount. Need to change to Req. Funded. Keep the committed date.
  • Presentation ready by COB Nov 27
  • November 2014 queries does not show out year 2013  etc.
  • More Face Cognos data

Dong Shin 11.14.2013

  • deployed new FA, RA, FinancialAssistant.jar, and queries
    • Obligations/Outlays not meeting goals (95%) should be navigated thru month combobox
    • change the query to include all fiscal years for the selected FY
    • Excel export from Query Builder
    • FA missing Roles Management panel
    • modified Overdue Obligations/Outlay queries to ignore more than 2000 days….
  • working on FA
    • changed the query to return all the data for the selected FY
    • added UserRolesManagement panel from FA3
    • working on queries to navigate obligations/outlays not meeting goals by monthly

Phil 11.12.13

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Back from CA and YUI class. It was 72-76 and clear blue skies out there. Here it’s 40 with sprinkles and gloomy clouds. But our bad traffic is way better than their bad traffic.
  • Backups
  • Need to do status for Tangie. Done.
  • Composing email to Jenny Donnelly about YUI
  • Adding Typescript (Cool Typescript Playground)
  • Following directions on the JetBrains site
    • Downloading and installing node.js
    • added NODE_JS_HOME as a path variable
    • installed the typescript package. Note that it gets installed to the user directory, not the node dir: C:\Users\Phil\AppData\Roaming\npm

  • Pressed the “Configure” button, which downloaded sources
  • Poked at the “set scope” link, which doesn’t have an obvious effect.
  • Clicked on “Add Watcher” in the pop-up alert (shown below) that appeared when I tried to save “typescriptTest.ts”


  • Added the C:\Users\Phil\AppData\Roaming\npm\tsc.cmp path to the watcher config dialog and then clicked “OK”
  • Ok, so now Typescript works. However, integrating it looks to be a pain..? But at the same time, it looks like there is a GitHub project that has set up all the interfaces?
  • Ok, the typescript runs, the watcher converts it, and a small HTML file launches it.


class Greeter {
    greeting: string;
    constructor(message: string) {
        this.greeting = message;
    greet() {
        return "Hello, " + this.greeting;

var greeter = new Greeter("typescript");

var button = document.createElement('button');
button.textContent = "Say Hello";
button.onclick = function() {


Transpiled JavaScript:

var Greeter = (function () {
    function Greeter(message) {
        this.greeting = message;
    Greeter.prototype.greet = function () {
        return "Hello, " + this.greeting;
    return Greeter;

var greeter = new Greeter("typescript");

var button = document.createElement('button');
button.textContent = "Say Hello";
button.onclick = function () {


HTML (Calling JavaScript)

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>TypeScript test</title>
<script type="text/javascript" src="typescriptTest.js">

Phil 11.1.13

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Deployed new versions of FA, RA, and Reqonciler
  • Debugged queries with Dong
  • Started to write a Cognos fake data generator. This will produce a .sql file containing a set of projects and a series of excel files that will mimic Cognos downloads. The excel files will have errors in them that mimic what we’re finding in the Cognos pulls that Lenny is doing. A text file will also be produced that lists the number and types of errors. THe goal is that Dong should be able to upload the sql files (which will truncate the project tables and reload them) and then ingest (probably 3) spreadsheets. If there are no errors and all the numbers add up correctly, then we have a bug free system. At this point the project and rough framework are done.

Dong Shin 11.01.2013

  • FA/RA fixes
    • added Project ID and Project Name to RA
    • fixed filtering/searching not working.
    • added currency to queryBuilderConfix.xml
  • deployed new FA/RA and queries to update obligations/outlays
    • cc.po_reference = bcc.po_reference needed for __view_monthly_obligations_outlays_by_contract