Monthly Archives: October 2013

Dong Shin 10.17.2018

  • deployed new FA, queries, script to correct EA calculations, everything is well
  • talked Lenny about keeping historical COGNOS data to keep track of changes occurring, as well as reviewing and flagging duplicate rows
    • run a series of queries to show potential conflicting data
    • each query displays the data to be resolved
    • rows are marked to *IGNORE* to be included in reports and data imports
  • removed TRUNCATE contracts_cognos from ProjectMgmtPanel to keep all COGNOS data
  • working on COGNOS data processor
  • reset_obligations_outlays.sql to reset obligations and outlays data
  • database updates – DBUpdateEnhancements.sql
    • additional column in contracts_cognos
      • ALTER TABLE `contracts_cognos` ADD `hide_flag` TINYINT NOT NULL DEFAULT ‘0’;
    • remove trigger copy_contracts_cognos
      • DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS `copy_contracts_cognos`
    • create queries table to process COGNOS data
      • CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `process_cognos_data_queries` (
        `uid` int(11) NOT NULL,
        `name` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
        `query` text NOT NULL,
        `description` text NOT NULL,
        PRIMARY KEY (`uid`)
        ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;

Dong Shin 10.16.2013

  • deployed new FA, everything seems well
  • went over Obligation and Outlay import calculations with Lenny and found that the only Outlay should be added with the previous month’s value (not cumulative).
  • fixed script to fix incorrect calculation detailed above – do not add previous month’s value when type is not Outlay
  • disabled runPythonScript in FA until fix for slow running script is found….
  • updated EA cognos queries to correctly sum up obligations/outlays – obligation_outlay_queries.sql
  • created a table – contracts_cognos_all, to keep all historical data, also created a trigger to add contracts_cognos data to the table the new files get ingested  – DBUpdateEnhancements.sql

Phil 10.16.13

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Obligation and Commitments from FACTS are cumulative. Actuals are non-cumulative. Remove all the calculations summing up obligations and commitments by monthly and store monthly values from Cognos.
  • IE7 works with YUI!
  • Need to add search to “View Financial Data”. Rather than showing all the subelements, clicking on a row in Requisition Information (top grid) will show the associated detailed financial view. We should also add a search to Req Info.   The summary always shows.
  • Create historical record Cognos data table. We can use scripts later to integrate data into our reports…
  • Finished chapter 2, starting on chapter 3. Also got timers working from the gallery. One search, one bug, one additional search.

Dong Shin 10.15.2013

  • deployed new FA, queries.. BusyBar still doesn’t work…
  • went over the queries with Lenny
  • changed Percent values to round up
  • correctly set widths for the query result datagrid
  • Flash Builder gave me weird errors and crashed constantly, created new workspace and the problems seem gone.

Phil 10.15.13

Phil 8:00 – 3:30  SR

  • The dialog for versions has a broken “dismiss” button.
  • Unlock project is unlocking multiple projects locked by the same user(?)
  • Trying out YUI on the integration server…. Success! Take that, IE7! Ok, maybe not. Just realized that I only ran the testes using the browser that’s on the server, which is FF. Need to try running on a client box with IE tomorrow. The most important example to run will probably be add_capability.html.
  • Working my way through the YUI cookbook. In the element_classes example (Recipe 2.2), there is a call to Y.log(). It turns out that there is support for a logger window. I found this by Googling “yui Y.log” The top result was  Which was pretty much what I needed. Using the documentation as a guide, I was able to integrate it, including giving it a global scope.  And then, after a few more minutes, I was able to add draggable behavior by adding “dd-plugin” to the YUI().use() arguments and them to the Y.Console.plug() arguments. For future reference, here’s the total code required for the console, with three lines of test code (bracket the code with <body class = “yui3-skin-sam”>):
YUI().use('console', 'overlay', "console-filters", "dd-plugin", function (Y) {
    // Console has no required configuration
    // In fact, you often don't even need to store the instance
    var cons = new Y.Console({ logSource: Y.Global })
            .plug(Y.Plugin.Drag, { handles: ['.yui3-console-hd'] })
    Y.log("Console info message", "info", "element_classes");
    Y.log("Console warn message", "warn", "element_classes");
    Y.log("Console error message", "error", "element_classes");
  • Skedaddled a bit early to get in some good weather

Dong Shin 10.11.2013

  • deployed new FA, project totals not coming up…. hard to believe that the BusyBar PopUp broke the events handling….
    • created two separate FA’s – FinancialAssistant.cursor.swf and FinancialAssistant.localbusybar.swf to try next week.
  • went over the details on how to build queries on Query Builder with Lenny
  • found that the queryBuilderConfig.xml was a older version running on site…. verified that the PM Actuals rolls up correctly with the new config.
  • created a query for Lenny – QueryBuilderQueries.sql

Phil 10.11.13

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Meeting with Lenny
  • Deployed a new version of FA that fixed the comboboxes but broke other things. Also, it looks like the QuieryBuilder config isn’t up to date.
  • Installing JetBrains 7.0
  • Back to Javascript. I think a good goal is to produce a suite of tests to run on IE7 and see how that goes.
  • It should actually go pretty well, assuming this compatibility chart is correct:
  • Also, there seems to be a conference coming up.
  • Getting back into the hang of YUI. Still cool. And about a third caught up.

Dong Shin 10.10.2013

  • viztool meeting
  • fixed AddableListComboBox showing 1st element list
  • fixed height of the datagrid to fixed size
  • added ProgressBar for the database query
    • tried to separate into utils project, exception thrown….
  • COGNOS data ingest take long time… looking into it.

Phil 10.9.13

8:30 – 1:30 SR

  • Ungodly traffic this morning.
  • Backups
  • Deployed new FA and RA, plus some new scripts.
  • Cognos data is wrong in that amounts in excess of the budget are being calculated from expenditures. The >100% rule might fix this, but I’m worried that in may need to be more sophisticated.
  • Did a Cognos upload of 1300 records with logging turned on that really slowed down Tomcat, including things like logging in. Accessing the published data REST servlet on the server worked fine though. Not sure what the deal is. I turned off logging to the DB and restarted the server, which sped things up. We need to try another Cognos ingest to see what happens. Lenny did one this morning that took a fraction of the time of the later one.
  • At the very least, we’re going to need to deal with user reactions to an apparently hung system with a dialog or something.
  • Burning September status to disk.

1:30 – 4:30 FP

  • Done with table. Back to writing.