Phil 10.15.13

Phil 8:00 – 3:30  SR

  • The dialog for versions has a broken “dismiss” button.
  • Unlock project is unlocking multiple projects locked by the same user(?)
  • Trying out YUI on the integration server…. Success! Take that, IE7! Ok, maybe not. Just realized that I only ran the testes using the browser that’s on the server, which is FF. Need to try running on a client box with IE tomorrow. The most important example to run will probably be add_capability.html.
  • Working my way through the YUI cookbook. In the element_classes example (Recipe 2.2), there is a call to Y.log(). It turns out that there is support for a logger window. I found this by Googling “yui Y.log” The top result was  Which was pretty much what I needed. Using the documentation as a guide, I was able to integrate it, including giving it a global scope.  And then, after a few more minutes, I was able to add draggable behavior by adding “dd-plugin” to the YUI().use() arguments and them to the Y.Console.plug() arguments. For future reference, here’s the total code required for the console, with three lines of test code (bracket the code with <body class = “yui3-skin-sam”>):
YUI().use('console', 'overlay', "console-filters", "dd-plugin", function (Y) {
    // Console has no required configuration
    // In fact, you often don't even need to store the instance
    var cons = new Y.Console({ logSource: Y.Global })
            .plug(Y.Plugin.Drag, { handles: ['.yui3-console-hd'] })
    Y.log("Console info message", "info", "element_classes");
    Y.log("Console warn message", "warn", "element_classes");
    Y.log("Console error message", "error", "element_classes");
  • Skedaddled a bit early to get in some good weather