Dong Shin 07.30.2013

  • continue working on FA
    • jar created with maven works in Tomcat!
    • set all the TitleWindows to position at upper left corner
    • changed Clear COGNOS Data to COGNOS Data Mgmt
    • query to find duplicates (records having same amount) in COGNOS imports
      • SELECT c1.*
        FROM contracts_cognos c1
        INNER JOIN contracts_cognos c2
        ON c1.committed_amount = c2.committed_amount
        OR c1.obligated_amount = c2.obligated_amount
        OR c1.expensed_amount = c2.expensed_amount
        WHERE c1.uid <> c2.uid
        AND c1.sub_budget_center = c2.sub_budget_center
        AND c1.requisition_id = c2.requisition_id
        ORDER BY c1.uid