Phil 5.30.13

7:30 – 10:30 SR

  • Direct Cite/Reimbursable – separate lines
  • Comitted date changes to latest
  • Set date(s) nullable
  • Reports on Committed and Obligated dates (future)
  • Total in Proj Mgmt incorrect
  • Add “Create Project” to sub project line
  • Add “View Financial Data” to sub project line
  • Double clicking should bring up subproject
  • FACTS PE resetting to null?
  • Reset login on logout
  • Verify that “Add” subproject moves a root-level project and that Remove does the same
    • Add -> “link”
    • Remove -> “unlink”
  • Double-clicking on a subproject shouold switch the project view to the subproject
  • Add a check for no budget data so that “view data” does not hang
  • “view data” contract info should come from COGNOS pull.
  • In “Funding Status” have a TOTALS line above the main grid that totals up the columns with numbers
    • Be able to add/remove columns created by the query
    • Be able to have public/private queries

10:30 – 5:30 TIMEOFF

  • Prepping for comps meeting this evening. If I get done early, I’ll go back to XAudio