Phil 5.29.13

8:00 – 1:00 SR

  • Backups
  • There was a demo today! Was invited in towards the end to talk about data security and roles.
  • Had a good idea about how to run the PA/RA code on one of our (Dreamhost? Steadfast?) servers and let the labs input their data directly. We could then ingest the data nightly. Need to research this a bit.

1:00 – 4:00 FP

  • Finished rolling up the SampleSounds(s) into BasicAudio.
  • Starting on 3D audio, using How to: Integrate X3DAudio with XAudio2
    • Adding the 3D calls to the main() in ConsoleSound2, just after the BasicAudio class has been initialized.
    • Had to add x3daudio.lib to the project and <x3daudio.h> to the #includes.
    • This looks to be the meat of the calculation. It looks like X3DCalculate() works on the relative position of an Emitter and the Listener and uses that to populate a DSP. Once that’s done, then the Audio2 source is manipulated appropriately.
    •         X3DAudioCalculate( g_audioState.x3DInstance, &g_audioState.listener, &g_audioState.emitter, dwCalcFlags,
                                 &g_audioState.dspSettings );
              IXAudio2SourceVoice* voice = g_audioState.pSourceVoice;
              if( voice )
                  // Apply X3DAudio generated DSP settings to XAudio2
                  voice->SetFrequencyRatio( g_audioState.dspSettings.DopplerFactor );
                  voice->SetOutputMatrix( g_audioState.pMasteringVoice, INPUTCHANNELS, g_audioState.nChannels,
                                          g_audioState.matrixCoefficients );
                  voice->SetOutputMatrix(g_audioState.pSubmixVoice, 1, 1, &g_audioState.dspSettings.ReverbLevel);
                  XAUDIO2_FILTER_PARAMETERS FilterParametersDirect = { LowPassFilter, 2.0f * sinf(X3DAUDIO_PI/6.0f * g_audioState.dspSettings.LPFDirectCoefficient), 1.0f }; // see XAudio2CutoffFrequencyToRadians() in XAudio2.h for more information on the formula used here
                  voice->SetOutputFilterParameters(g_audioState.pMasteringVoice, &FilterParametersDirect);
                  XAUDIO2_FILTER_PARAMETERS FilterParametersReverb = { LowPassFilter, 2.0f * sinf(X3DAUDIO_PI/6.0f * g_audioState.dspSettings.LPFReverbCoefficient), 1.0f }; // see XAudio2CutoffFrequencyToRadians() in XAudio2.h for more information on the formula used here
                  voice->SetOutputFilterParameters(g_audioState.pSubmixVoice, &FilterParametersReverb);

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