Phil 3.22.13

8:00 – 4:30 ESSO

  • Asked Chris to renew my access
  • Created 6 month versions of the queries
  • Realized that the trend charts are based on time-specific selections, and that they won’t work with the 6-month rolling window. We are going to have to write a script that updates the dashboard xml to have the correct columns selected
  • Lenny’s chart broke, when pointing back at the 24 month data. To diagnose, we loaded local log and ran again. Something happens after the headers are read in in GenericQueryWidget
  • The values for the config are being changed back at some point. They are ok in ColumnSeriesConfig.commitProperties, but by the time the code hits TrendWidget._flexiChartConfig_configApplyHandler(event:FlexiChartEvent):void, the values are wrong.
  • Burned a new disk for the dateFormatter bug.