Phil 3.21.13

8:00 – 4:00 ESSO

  • Flurries this morning. This is soo wrong.
  • Started a ticket for renewing certs for the integration and production servers.
  • Tested out the 6 month data , which everyone liked.
  • The “save” event for a slide doesn’t seem to be happening after the first save. Need to fix that
  • Set the horizontal axis item renderer to show (selectable month/day?) data in timeline views
  • Spent some time going over the mechanism for passing variables to a SQL query inside VSS
    • Add a column for the variables in the query table. This replaces the variables flag, and will store the variables as key/value pairs in XML. Note that this will always be <String>:<String>. Each query is allowed only one variable object.
    • The python script is able to use new facade methods to write the variables into the slot.
      • varClear() // clears the HashMap
      • varSet(key:String, val:String); // sets a key value pair
      • set(queryName:String); // finds the appropriate query in the query table.
    • The variable object must be set() before the sql is called.
    • When editing the SQL in the SQL editor, the “raw” query with the substitution tags is shown if the “variables” checkbox is FALSE. The state of the “submit” button tracks the variables checkbox. If the checkbox is TRUE, then the macro substition is run that the query can be submitted.
    • When running a scheduled query, there needs to be logic to perform macro substitution if the variable field is NOT NULL
    • Also, the list of facade methods needs to be made current.

2:00 – 2:30 Talked with Jeremy Fremin about R&D opportunities in Novetta