Dong Shin 08.31.2012

  • added Document Number in Funding Request Select window
  • Two problems reported
    1. SQL Error from Chris Gawdun – old version error, newly deployed PPM has the fix
    2. Sub projects showing 0 for Total Allocated – unable to duplicate here.
  • sent updated bugs list that JR maintains – fixed
    • 4. Nothing show under Manage Contracts when you go to the Projects toolbar and then Manage Contracts
      5. There are a few typos in some of the mitigation questions under the OUSD(I) section
      8. Handle Sub__BC problem in BC and scripts
      13. You cannot exit the financial mitigation plans without saving. Someone may just want to cancel without saving
      15. Make the month before the current month highlight pink in the monthly financial data spreadsheet
      16. Make a project past due if data is not entered by the 14th of each month
      17. The invoice form pops up even if the PM actual is zero (in PM, data entry screen)
      18. Allow editing of start year after project creation
      21. Allow editing to end year after project creation
  • Trouble shooting Project Mgmt panel not updating correctly after Project save