Tom 5.29.2012

Start: 9:30

  • Found the footprint for a hard drive power plug and placed it on the board
  • Found the footprint for the D-sub connectors for the hands sensors and speakers
  • Drew the traces for the sensor voltage divider.  It is now much smaller
  • Still trying to figure out how to mount the ribbon cables wiring slot on the board
  • Ribbon cables are easy to attach to the female connector.  All that is needed is to line them up and then squeeze the top part
  • Cleaned up the lab area a bit
  • Phil was able to get the hand working so we tried it out.  It feels really good and I can see a potentially low learning curve once everything is tuned properly.  Tuning includes adjusting sensitivity, add more dynamic range to the volume, figure out a way to isolate each finger to an extent(it might be good if you feel some vibration in the other fingers), and selecting notes and  chords
  • I tried to find a list of cords in midi numbering format but couldn’t.  We will have to convert them using the chart.

End: 5:30