Mike 5.29.2012

  • Production backups at site
  • Created some Portfolio Manager accounts for users who requested them
  • One of the remote sites that was having difficulty connecting to our server resolved the issue.  It was a proxy on their end.
  • Created a document describing how remote users can test their connection and included a lot of troubleshooting information.  Hopefully we can send it out this week to all potential users
  • Status meeting this afternoon:
    • Apparently what the help desk told me was our production server is not actually a production server and we are still in the test and integration environment.  We need to jump through some more hoops to get to production.
    • May need to bring Phil back for help with the test plan
    • Tangie is working on getting a final user list so we can send out and connection test email to everyone on Friday
    • The next step will be getting some early adopters to start entering data