Tom DeVito 2.22.2012

Start: 10:00

  • I got the Data Dictionary working in a way which makes it so only the publisher can change the data.
  • This still requires you to call a setData command to change the data in data dictionary.  I am thinking an update method, which is called either in the post process of the class or during the system loop, could cycle through the entries and compare the data in the dictionary to the data in the data pointer.  This way you would be able to set your local variables normally and the Dictionary would still be able to track changes.  Its probably better this happens once per program loop, as it would take a lot of cycles each time to compare the data.  I like this approach because if you want to add a pre-made class not designed for the system, you only have to publish or subscribe the variables you need and its “set and forget” from there.
  • Changed all the char and char* which were not being used for anything having to do with characters to uint8_t.  Although it technically doesn’t matter to store non char values in a char, it will not print correctly.  Also the send and receive base methods of windows and the arduino, use this by default instead of unsigned char.
  • Made an arduino sandbox for testing.  Added the com library for testing of remote data.

End: 6:00

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