Tom DeVito 1.30.2012

Start: 12:00

#FUTURE: Inventory of what is needed for PCB of each finger module:

  1. 10 pin dip for rheostates
  2. two 8 pin dip for amplifiers
  3. voltage divider circuit for sensors(may or may not make sense to have this on the same board)
  4. Power in and ground for 5 volt power supply
  5. Signal in and shared ground for arduino serial input(I2C BUS)
  6. Audio in from Midi Shields
  7. Audio out to go to larger amplifier
  8. rgeostat needs two pins to have the option of being pulled high or low for addressing purposes
  9. Rheostat also has two voltage dividers,  one for each amplifier
  10. Amplifiers need a resistor on the rheostat signal line, capacitors on the power in pin, decoupling capacitors on the signal in and audio out lines.

I think thats everything for that


  • Fixed a problem with the toString method, it now is printing out the correct information
  • large data seems to be passing properly, Started tailoring the test to work with the data dictionary instead of arbitrary data that I set up.

End: 6:00

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