Phil 10.27.11

7:30 – 3:30 VISIBILITY

  • Meeting with Tangie
    • Contract Month should read First, Prev, Current, Next, Last. THere is no need for the << symbols
    • Selected contract month does not show up in combobox
    • If the user navigates using the comboboxes rather than the buttons at the bottom, the total number of entries should change to “X of Y records incomplete” and only the “<<First” button should be enabled
    • Common information is still missing from the header (Could be in the title bar for the panel)
    • Don’t show the (FY xxx – Yeay y) string after the X of Y string
    • Add the word “Records” to the “X of Y” string
    • Add scroll bars for financial mitigation if the browser is too small – save buttons do not appear
    • Add scroll bars for enter invoice if the browser is too small – save buttons do not appear
    • Change “Financial Data Overdue (X) to “X overdue records remaining”
    • Skip records that have zero values, just as is done with PPM
    • Add project locking to widget
    • Change the background to gray (0xAAAAAA), uneditable fields to light gray (0xCCCCCC), and editable fields to white
  • Tangie and I talked a bit about how to make the demo work. I think a good way to do this might be to show the linkage between the two tools. Make a fake project, fill it out and then update using the tool. We can use the meeting to find people whou would be interested in being early adopters.
  • Back to zooming pie charts. Zoom works, but I don’t like it. The pie chart is placed within a 1000 x 1000 s:Group and scales within that. Panning is very flaky too.
  • Need to make sure that cancel clears the selection event.