Tom DeVito 10.25.2011

Start: 9:00

  • Ordered two more midi shields.  This will help with the problems i’ve been having as well as make the programming a bit easier.  Balance and Pan seem to work but not perfectly so its better if each finger has its own.  I will also make sure I test with headphones these to see if the distortion is something I did.
  • Edited the code to accommodate one midi controller per finger
  • Added more error checking to send receive methods of the commgr class.  It kept crashing when the buffer was empty before.
  • Exported the code files for my interface from FLUID.  Started changing it so it can accept the data from the arduino.

End: 5:00

NOTE:   The previous version of our midi controllers had voltage  regulation problems.  It is possible that its sensitive to the amperage and when I hook it up to our power supply it overloads it.  I think I only used the arduino or powering the first one though so I don’t know.  Voltage issues would make sense but its supposedly fixed.

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