Phil 11.29.2010

7:30 – 3:30 VISIBILITY

  • Deployed cpPlusDate and mvPlusDate, which are working just fine
  • Made backups
  • Talked to John W. He’s going to try to set a demo of PPM with Kathy and the new TD for early next week.
  • Chris(tine) has finished Flex in a Week. She sent me a not asking what to look at next. I said to look through AirFilImageApp to get aquainted with a larger project, and start to get familiar with Maven and the flex-mojos. Once she’s done with that, she can start updating MavenAssist to build Air apps correctly.
  • Digging into FlexXB
  • Worked with Dong on getting a new version of PPM to play with the browser window a bit better
  • Since I really don’t want to build a generic serializer (again!). I’m thinking about the components that all our applications seem to need. The thought is that maybe we build some higher-level components that have self-serializing functionality that can be put together in simpler ways than a straight mxml experience. My list of visual components so far is:
    • Login
    • DB Table/column browser
    • Charts
      • The regular, data, bar, column, pie
      • Unusual – maps, status, network
    • Data grids
      • for looking at tables of numbers or…
      • Excel-style spreadsheets
    • Data entry forms
    • Formatted output
    • Special widgets, such as speedometer-style displays
  • To make this work we need a communication framework to the server that either simply (or automatically) sets up tables to talk to these forms.
  • Lastly, there needs to be an authoring/administrative level that creates ids for applications (to aid with data partitioning), and that supports our scripting.

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