Mike 11.29.10

Time to start blogging again…

What I’ve done since being back:

  • Moved most of my workspace from my old laptop to the shiny new one and finagled admin on it
  • Spoke with Phil and Brian about the new project and broke it down in to several smaller but still huge pieces:
    • Some kind of dynamic swf loader which will manage “apps” and communication between them
    • A data manager responsible for handling all data requests and syncing data changes with the server
    • An interface for writing and executing scripts on the server
  • Worked on a prototype swf loader
    • It’s currently capable of loading a swf which is not actually a stand-alone swf that is simply display in a container but treated more as a bundle of classes.  Each class in the bundle is loaded in to memory and a new instance of whatever is needed can be spawned
    • Classes are registered with a static ModuleManager and when events are thrown requesting a new app by name (full class-path name), a new instance is created and added to the main stage
    • Created several samples “apps” which contains chart / text / datagrids and static data.
    • Created a “Debug” app containing the logger datagrid but having some difficulty with it.  It’s throwing weird errors complaining that the datagrid columns have zero width.  Need to walk through the debugger more.
  • Created a generic transition for switching between apps and added it to the swf loader
  • Spent some time thinking about the data model and how it should work, have a few ideas about both the flex and java side for a very generic data model

Stuff on the immediate to do list:

  • Get a configuration file read in by the SWF loader containg connection info and swf module URLs
  • Get a data model started
  • Try loading some data from XML files directly in to the flex data model (before trying to connect to a java server for data)