Dong Shin 09.30.2010

  • removed all the maven dependencies on PPM and built it with FlexMonkey configurations
    • works better, but some hickups – cannot get menu items selected
    • Create Project test ran successfully
      • with Create Project Panel open
      • some delays added between combo selections and database response
      • couldn’t get the buttons with same labels behave right, changed the buttons to have unique labels
    • Financial Data Entry not working properly….
    • tried RIATest
      • -include-libraries “/Applications/RIATest 3/agent/RIATestAgent3.swc” “${flexlib}/libs/automation.swc” “${flexlib}/libs/automation_agent.swc” “${flexlib}/libs/automation_dmv.swc”
      • works faster
      • special attention required on datagrids
  • returned PPM code back to where it was

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