Phil 6.28.2010

7:30 – 4:00 VISIBILITY

  • Sent Trish a note to reschedule meeting from Friday to Thursday. After getting to the office, it looks as though the meeting was already scheduled for Thursday 0900.
  • Went over the change requests with Dong
  • Chasing the bug that clears out the interval_minutes when scripts are run manually. It looks like the issue is when a script is updated, interval minutes is blown away. Fixed.
  • Was looking at Mike’s changes to the network widget, and made the suggestion that rather than selecting single lines in the table, that we use the name field (either in the chart or the selected line on the grid) to create a query that preserves the networking information, along the lines of:
    • select `Name`, `souRce`, `targeT`, `icon`, `text` where (Name = ‘Jason’ or souRce = ‘Jason’ or targeT = ‘Jason’) or (Name = ‘Mary’ or souRce = ‘Mary’ or targeT = ‘Mary’) or (Name = ‘Mark’ or souRce = ‘Mark’ or targeT = ‘Mark’)
    • This gets us away from having to deal with the uid as the means by which we determine what rows we’re getting and allows for a network-based drilldown into the data.
    • Maybe this means that instead of having the query be added to the data page, that we build the query in the network view using a “new widget” button like for the other charts.
  • Pulling slideshow off into its own SWC. I’m pulling a lot out of vis2, so if anyone does any work in there, please let me know!
    • Having huge memory leak problems compiling the app now that I’m including the slideshow library.  Compiles fine with maven.
    • Interestingly, the swc compiled using maven is 2781kb, while the flexbuilder version is 2783 kb.

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