Phil 6.25.2010

8:00 – 4:00 VISIBILITY

  • Discovered that running a script manually clears the autorun table. Need to fix that.
  • Meeting with Anne about potential work.
  • Meeting with Trish about PPM. Notes follow:
    • User registration (at login) needs all the new fields (email, address, etc). Also, fix scroll bars
    • Unable to add user from “register” screen. SqlException: Column count doesn’t match value count at row 1. I have a printout of the error
    • After playing with the above, and then loggin in as “projportfolio”, the “create project” panel did not come up when the menu selection was made.
    • Need to add a warning “Are you sure that you want to close this project without saving”
    • Funding Request
      • In “Add Funding” basic panel, make all the fields editable. The form may be sent to people who are not in the system
      • Closing and selecting dropdowns in the details view causes the panel to change back to the “basic” (Note: This happened on Trish’s machine, but not my FGM laptop)
      • Finance Data
        • Funding request should not close when saved
        • Can delete the Certify and Accept buttons.
        • Alert the user if the various amounts do not equal the “Funding Amount” from the “Funding Request Details” tab.
        • Acceptance date should be moved to after Document Number
        • Direct Cite can have multiple entries. Rewrite so that it more resembles the line item grid from Project Creation
        • Obligation amount is lost on the reload
    • Financial Data
      • Where are goals edited?
      • The maximize button has to be clicked twice to get the first maximize to work
      • “Obligation Goals” should be “Obligation Goal %”, also add % in data, just like other rows.
      • Add Contract info to financial data forms (not sure if this can be guessed at based on other project data entered or not. This data can then be shown in the “Manage Contract” grid.
        • Contractor/Vendor:
        • Contract Number / Amount:
        • Contract Type:
        • Period of Performance:
        • New or existing Contract:

FP notes:

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