Phil 3.26.2010

7:30 – 3:30

  • Fixed the Remote Object problem from yesterday by changing the flex com.edgeti.EdgeUtils.logger.LoggingEntry so that it references [RemoteClass(alias=”com.fgm.javaUtils.logging.LoggingEntry”)] instead of the edgeti version that’s wrapped up in Visibility3. I was expecting this to cause the Visibility code to barf, but after cleaning and testing, it seems to be fine. Keeping an eye on it though.
  • Need to add automatic script running. Using Dong’s com.edgeti.VisibilityServer.Ingestor.AutoIgestorServlet as a template.
  • Meeting with Griffith(?) and LDAT. Productive meeting. She’s interested in Visibility as  a way of showing things that they need to. We meet next Wednesday to do more. Need to sign up for an LDAT account.