Dong Shin 03.26.2010

  • Questions:
  1. Are Summary sections calculated or just the forms that users  enter the data?
  2. Do Summary titles mean anything to data? For example, FY10 NAVY-10-004 Summary spans two years project funding, but is it FY10 data? Is the next summary data, FY11 should span 2011 to 2013?
  3. How should the Obligations and Outlays be grouped?
  4. The summary sections have Amount Distributed to Date. Are these static?
  • added more fields to contracts.
    • contract_amount
    • contract_type
    • contract_period
    • contract_existing (boolean to indicate new or existing contract)
  • created TableDataGrid to manage table data for Contracts data – useful for other tables, too.
  • created AddTableDataWindow for table data entry