Phil 9.22.2009

7:30 – 3:30

  • Deployed the new version with Mike’s fixes. Everything seems to be working fine
  • Talked to Anne about building special-purpose tables from the master table to make it easier to explore the data
  • Floated the question idea
  • Realized that we could also have all the available strings in a column listed in the (a?) hierachy view, so some level of drilldown could be available…
  • Changed all query double quotes to single quotes
  • Phone call from Anne – Meeting with here and John on Thursday. Might have a version by then.
  • Started on the question tab, mostly because it’s an easier problem to solve that might give us what we want. Go the part where you can click on a tree component “question” that runs a query.
    • Need to be able to interactively build the xml
    • Need to save the xml in a table-specific entry (only one entry per table holding the xml)