Phil 9.18.2009

7:30 – 5:30

  • Deployed the latest attempt at the fort and it seems to be working well. Uploaded new data
  • Trained up Anne and John on the new features. Based on their suggestions, here’s what needs to be added
    • Allow users to delete their dashboards
    • Start up in ‘Builder’ layout
    • Update tips
    • Add tips to the IngestManager
    • If nothing is selected, have a popup that says “No items selected for query”
    • Provide direct transition from minimize and maximize
    • Don’t allow components (particularly minimized windows) to go behind the top “VISIBILITY2” UIComponent
    • Resize events on the builder window should re-trigger the layout
    • Automatically scroll to the selected item in a search on a datagrid
    • Add a “Suggestion Box” under Utils that’s like the old bug reporter on TUMMS
  • Architecture (get aquainted session?) in Fairfax. Ran a little long. Note. If you leave VA at 3:15 on a Friday, it can take ’till 5:00 to get back to Laurel.