Phil 9.17.2009

7:30 – 5:00

  • Uploaded data
  • Tried another version of VIS2 – this time it got confused with lines that have the same words in them – i.e. “Position_Person” vs “Person_Position
  • Fixed the ordering problem and discovered a case where I got runaway recursion.
  • Fixed that, but then had a problem where one of the leaf nodes of a branch had the same name as the branch. Fixed that, too.
  • Added timers for how long pull and collapse hapens on the server
  • Removed redundant data from QueryInfoObject
  • Removed some logging from the XML ingestor
  • Added tooltips to titlebar and query entry field. Tried to get datatips on the widget finder to work, but no luck
  • Ftp’d new version home so I can burn a disk
  • John Williams is having trouble with the system running in IE. Related to the debugger version?