Dong Shin Visibility Status – August '09

Week of 08/24

  • Completed Table/User/Role managment
  • Fix ingest bugs (Excel)
  • Ingestors return IngestResult
  • added warning about duplicate columns on IngestPanel

Week of 08/17

  • checked out project from SVN. Ingestor seems working, but lots of others seem broken. Need to talk to Phil. Renamed visibility2 to visibility2old and moved it to desktop for backup, checked out complete project.
  • reworked the AutoIngestor client to take day, time. Hide/show appropriate fields according to duration selection.

Week of 08/10

  • added time fields to Auto Ingest, both client and server, changes to AutoIngestorServlet to utilize time
  • modifying Flex clients for DbRemoteObject – pass UserInfoObjest
    • QueryBuilder.mxm
  • modifying to use UnserInfoObject
    • getRelationshipList
    • getMetaEntryList
    • getMetaEntryDetailsList
    • getQuery
    • getQueryWhere

Week of 08/03

Ingested Data Configuration Management

  • list of data ingested shown
  • publish status, classification, and roles can be changed
  • must override closeHandler so that the window can be brought back

Changes to Ingestor for Roles/Classification management- cont’d

  • Added file_name to table_data – changes to,,
  • Ingested Data Configuration
  • Changes to AutoIngest
    • AutoIngestConfirmWindow
    • AutoIngestFileWindow
    • changes to Servlet to add classification and roles
    • Deletion keeps the data table for now
  • Deletion of other’s data disabled from client
  • Ingestion of using other’s existing table name disabled from client
  • Highlight user’s data tables using different font coler
  • Ingest and Delete now works! (table_data, table_classifications, table_role_columns)
  • rework ingest and delete to use user information and table_data (lot of work!!!)
  • keep uid and id separate; uid is for ingested data tables, id is for user and data info tables

Moved all tables from users_and_roles to visibility_dev

    • table_dashboards
    • table_data ***** changes required
    • table_data_role
    • table_data_user
    • talbe_roles
    • table_role_user
    • table_users