Monday Log (8.17.2009)

8:00 – 4:00

  • Clear fluids today! Wheee!
  • Deployed at the fort. Combined now ingests in a few seconds. Talked to Mike C about various issues. Tuns out that there was a bug in Mike’s code that generated spurious entries in the xml table.  The upshot is that we’ll wait to see how Anne likes the new data
  • Talked to John W. He’s like a not from Brian about our burn rate and how it gets us through to October
  • Working on Advanced Queries. Just realized that there is no equivalent for mySQL “discrete”. Goint to have to figure out a workaround. Not only that, but advanced queries can’t be the same as “normal” if this is the case. Hmmmm. Fixed by putting rows in a HashMap with their string values as the key

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