Thursday Log (7.16.2009)

7:30 – 5:00

  • Deployed over at the Fort
  • Had a talk with Mike C about data dictionaries and the like
  • Wrote up a more detailed schedule (more of a task list, really) for Anne.
  • Wrote up a weekly status for John Williams
  • Worked on getting roles for users showing up as trees. Based on the earlier discussion with Mike C, role hierarchies are going to be large and mutable. We’ll need to be able to add nodes, remove nodes, move nodes around and change their names. Without changing the id number, which would invalidate all the user/roles and data/roles that we will have set up
  • Got UserInfoObjects built on the Java side and coming over to Flex. Now I need to update the creation of the _userCollection to reflect this. With luck, I can use the ArrayCollection directly