Dong Shin 08.14.2014

  • continue working on adding Baseline rows
    • query to fix Procurement (year 3 and 4) RDT&E (year 3) not showing in Obligations/Outlays, this  must be done prior to adding baseline rows.
      • INSERT INTO obligations_outlays_fix (type, project_id, funding_id, year, year_count)
        SELECT ‘Planned Obligated $:’, p.uid, c.uid, c.fiscal_year, 3 FROM projects p LEFT JOIN budget_centers c ON p.uid = c.project_id
        WHERE appropriation LIKE ‘RDT&E%’;
  • working on adding not 100% obligated to Overdue Obligations query – line item 13
  • wordpress post editor has been changed! arghhh! hating it!

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