Phil 11.16.11

7:30 – 4:30 VISIBILITY

  • Tried to contact our test guy by phone and email, no luck yet.
  • Cleaning up GesturePieChart and GesturePieChartEvent
  • Spent quite a bit of time digging through styles to find how to make things look best together. Made a new view called StyleBrowser to seve work for the next time.
  • Dong gave me a new disk. We’ll all meet on site to deploy and talk to Chris.

How to get all the currently defined styles (from

 var arr:Array = styleManager.selectors;
 var selector:String;
 var cssStyle:CSSStyleDeclaration;
 var obj:Object;

 var key:String;
 for each (selector in arr){
     cssStyle = styleManager.getStyleDeclaration(selector);
     obj = new cssStyle.defaultFactory();
     for (key in obj) {
         trace(selector+": "+key+" = "+obj[key]);

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