Phil 5.25.2023

The Global Conversation. Truth, Trust and Hope – Nobel Prize Summit 2023

GPT Agents

  • Write a first draft of a paper that talks about verifiable context prompting, where source indexes are listed after each end punctuation in the context so that they can be searched for in the response and checked. Hallucinations should have non-existent indices. Verify against some book part, since the GPT hasn’t read that, and see how it does with how do I find a boyfriend/girlfriend uber-prompt. Need to write a small experiment class and put it in a new experiment folder.


  • 9:15 standup – no Aaron today, so I wound up leading.
  • Add enhanced Monte Carlo and Stable Diffusion stories to the backlog – done
  • 11:30 CSC touchpoint
  • More Q5 report. Maybe first pass today? Done!
  • Got a lot done on the scale paper, which is now at 45 pages. Oops. Maybe it really is a book