Phil 5.2.2023

Need to set up a time to drop of the work box to get more drive space while I’m riding the Eastern Shore

Drop off the truck!

I think I have a chart that explains somewhat how red states can easily avoid action on gun violence. It’s the number of COVID-19 deaths vs. gun deaths in Texas. This is a state that pushed back very hard about any public safety measures for the pandemic, and that was killing roughly 10 times more citizens. I guess the question is “how many of which people will prompt state action? For anything?”

For comparison purposes, Texas had almost 600,000 registered guns in 2022 out of a population of 30 million, or just about 2% of the population if distributed evenly (source). This is probably about 20 times too low, since according to the Pew Center, gun ownership in Texas is about 45%. That percentage seems to be enough people to prevent almost any meaningful action on gun legislation. Though that doesn’t prevent the introduction of legislation to mandate bleeding control stations in schools in case of a shooting event.

So something greater than 2% and less than 45%. Just based on my research, I’d guess something between 10%-20% mortality would be acted on, as long as the demographics of the powerful were affected in those percentages.

BTW, the wordpress bot just published this to twitter, so that part is still working? And since that is working, here’s a plot:

Gee, I wonder what happened where all those spikes are.

Jsonformer: A Bulletproof Way to Generate Structured JSON from Language Models.


  • Going through the JMOR submission requirements, I found that the citation style is non-numeric. I now need to trim off 3 paragraphs or so.
  • Good progress on the slides yesterday. More work today
  • Did Eric V. really try to steal the paper?
  • 1:00 Meeting
  • Write up notes from yesterday’s meeting
  • USNA tonight

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