Phil 4.26.2023

U.S. is concerned about rivals’ space threats, leaked documents show

  • “Russian companies attempted to create space-rated components for select satellites,” the document asserts. “But the low quality of the components led to on-orbit malfunctions.” It did not identify specific failings.
  • This makes me think that Russia will focus on the weapons that it has more trust in, like misinformation. Very low cost, and how bad can the blowback be?

I changed my password and am currently locked out of all my work accounts as the change ripples through. Sigh. “Technology company” Again with the sigh.


  • 3:00 AI Ethics. Good discussion. I think we are leaning towards an “Ethics Review Board” as part of the gate review for proposals
  • Looking at using Metro tomorrow rather than driving to/from Arlington. I can park at Glenmont

GPT Agents

  • Continue with TopicNode
    • Get the inbound and outbound linkages working – done?
    • Write a lot of stack operations to put the network together. Going to take a break before I try it
    • 4:00 Meeting with Alden
      • Good discussion. We started looking at virality as a related work, but in the end got into a discussion about what it means to do a PhD, and that while methods&results is fine for an MS, a PhD is about proving that you have done original research, which means motivation, background, methods&results, discussion, conclusions, and often a discussion of ethics. Without the surrounding parts, you can’t show that the work is original and advances knowledge, and why that matters. I really do need to write this up, because a lot of this is unsaid at the time PhD students need to hear it.


  • Got the final PDF today!