Phil 4.5.2023

The forecast is looking good! going to try 40mi/65km ride:

Continuing with the story. It’s interesting – the best ratio for summarizing text appears to be about 3:1 – 5:1, which is about the same as the GPT expands prompts into narratives.

I realize that I really want to be able to search substack, which is becoming more of a thing. They have no API, and the Google CSI is too expensive. But Bing may be affordable. They cave a pretty complex a la carte menu here, but it’s something to think about. It’s still $3-$7 perr 1k searches, so no big pulls. but counts might work.

Bing does have site search, so maybe this can work? Here’s a search for famous dog-whistle George Soros. This may be another way of getting at Twitter and without breaking the bank