Phil 3.7.2023

Open science involves sharing of code, and Python is a popular language for that code. Scientists may be reluctant, though, to try shared Python code when doing so involves many installation steps, like installing Conda, installing packages, installing other packages with Pip, possibly resolving package conflicts, etc.

An appealing alternative is to “bundle” the Python code and its dependencies into a single executable that can be downloaded from the “Releases” section of a GitHub site. This project is a test bed for working out the detals of such an approach. This project is called a “demo” rather than a “test” just in case any of the tools involved implicitly assume that items with names including “test” are parts of an internal test suite.


  • 9:15 standup
  • 9:30 USNA meeting
  • 1:00 BMD bi-weekly
  • More document loading, embedding, and storing to db
  • I also need a “*” option to load all groups added to the list when appropriate
  • There is a “moderation” endpoint on the OpenAI API. Add that to twitter_v2.table_tweet. Probably just the category_scores json object

GPT Agents

  • Read in the King James Bible
  • Got sources working!