Phil 2.24.2023

One year later and probably at least one year to go.

Call Catonsville Eye Group (410) 747-1221

GPT Agents

  • Figured out my dates in NSW, so now it’s time to book the hotel
  • Pinged Commonvision about poster. Call to follow up if no email after lunch: (410) 455-1884
  • NEED TO FIX EMBEDDINGS in TweetEmbedExplorer
  • Update and commit narrative_maps
  • Today’s progress. It seems to be working very well:


  • More work on ContextExplorer
    • Make a separate “keyword” and “context prompt” fields. The second has a checkbox to use the main prompt for context. Keywords create a dataframe that contains lines with the keyword – done
    • Need to be able to see, edit, and store the context, though maybe it’s just part of the probe when stored in the db – added context tab
    • Once generation works, I’ll need to store the generated content for analysis and mapping. I think the best answer might be to “Save to NarrativeExplorer,” which can then load and automate the runs without duplicating a lot of effort. I’d just need an “Experiment Name” field. – buttons are in but not running
    • I’ll also need to add a table_notes per experiment that can include sources. Added to table_source
  • Make slides for demo and put task in the backlog. Finish out the tasks for this sprint