Phil 1.31.2023


  • Glasses! Sent an email
  • Physical! Message sent


  • Got the SkyLatex link for review. Need to be done by Feb 10


  • 9:00 Sprint planning. Maybe get a chance to start with GPT-index? Done
  • Continue with second draft
  • Pre meeting with Aaron and Rukan
  • Meeting with Loren. Since the goal is for each ship to “imagine” what the other ships are seeing and their FOM predictions, we need a way to have a way of easily positioning the ship position with respect to the threat in some shared, generalizable frame. And wrt the HGV, propagation seems… hard. Does it make more sense to simply simulate if an interception occurs at any time in the (recorded) flight paths? Then we can train the models on that.

GPT Agents

  • Get embedding to work – done! Now I need to reduce and cluster
  • IUI response delayed a few days