Phil 12.23.2022

I wrote a new blog post! Some thoughts on the ChatGPT

Mastodon Digest

  • This is a Python project that generates a digest of popular Mastodon posts from your home timeline. The digest is generated locally. The digests present two lists: posts from users you follow, and boosts from your followers. Each list is constructed by respecting your server-side content filters and identifying content that you haven’t yet interacted with. Digests are automatically opened locally in your web browser. You can adjust the digest algorithm to suit your liking (see Command arguments).

Really not feeling motivated. It’s been raining for 36 hours or so, and then it’s going to get cold. By Tuesday, things should be getting back to seasonal, and then even a little nice by Friday


  • More MORS. Get a first pass through the conclusions – done! Currently at 18 pages with references
  • Nice chat with Aaron to wrap up the year.