Phil 12.16.2022

Mastodon new users

Developer platforms are all about trust, and Twitter lost it

  • Let this be my personal notice to Twitter developers: The team is gone; the investment has been undone. Love does not live here anymore.

Twitter is banning journalists and links to Mastodon instances. I did discover that you can follow a particular instance, which is very nice, but not supported in the API. All you have to do though is create a browser tab for the local timeline for that instance. For example

I need to code up a web page that can do that in a tweetdeck format and handle replies from your particular account. I think that it should be pretty easy. Something for January. Regardless, here’s the basics of accessing any instance timeline:

import json
import requests

# A playground for exploring the Mastodon REST interface (
# Mastodon API:
# Mastodon client getting started with the API:

def create_timeline_url(instance:str = "", limit:int=10):
    url = "https://{}/api/v1/timelines/public?limit={}".format(instance, limit)
    print("create_timeline_url(): {}".format(url))
    return url

def connect_to_endpoint(url) -> json:
    response = requests.request("GET", url)
    print("Status code = : {}".format(response.status_code))
    if response.status_code != 200:
        raise Exception(
            "Request returned an error: {} {}".format(
                response.status_code, response.text
    return response.json()

def print_response(title:str, j:json):
    json_str = json.dumps(j, indent=4, sort_keys=True)
    print("\n------------ Begin '{}':\nresponse:\n{}\n------------ End '{}'\n".format(title, json_str, title))

def main():
    instance_list = ["", ""]
    for instance in instance_list:
        url = create_timeline_url(instance, 1)
        rsp = connect_to_endpoint(url)
        print_response("{} test:".format(instance), rsp)

if __name__ == "__main__":


  • Finish copyright spreadsheet?


  • Scan more of War Elephants – done
  • Add history.tex and put the applicable quotes and thoughts
  • Finish the first pass at interfaces – done
  • Meeting with Ron? Two, in fact

GPT Agents

  • Partial pull on item 19. Need to retry later. The API crashed, apparently but came back up. Need to add some exception handling for that next time
  • Update proposal with latest numbers. Also reference Amir Shevat’s tech crunch article about his expectation that the API will fail

Bookend for the day