Phil 12.8.2022

Write review of steganography paper

Does LaTeX work here? Here’s an equation: \pi r^2 It seems so!

Here’s an enumeration? \begin{enumeration} \item item 1! \end{enumeration} Nope. So just equations. Still, that’s nice


  • More writing – It is such a grind. Every time I think I’ve read enough, I find something else that needs to be looked at. And everything is pretty much the same. On one side, you have:
    • Some disagreements will remain, but the Commission is concerned that debate will paralyze AI development. Seen through the lens of national security concerns, inaction on AI development raises as many ethical challenges as AI deployment. There is an ethical imperative to accelerate the fielding of safe, reliable, and secure AI systems that can be demonstrated to protect the American people, minimize operational dangers to U.S. service members, and make warfare more discriminating, which could reduce civilian casualties.
  • And on the other, you have
    • Provided their use is authorized by a human commander or operator, properly designed and tested AI enabled and autonomous weapon systems can be used in ways that are consistent with international humanitarian law. DoD’s rigorous, existing weapons review and targeting procedures, including its dedicated protocols for autonomous weapon systems and commitment to strong AI ethical principles, are capable of ensuring that the United States will field safe and reliable AI-enabled and autonomous weapon systems and use them in a lawful manner.
  • And these two quotes are taken from different versions of the same document!
  • 11:30 CSC status Meeting

GPT Agents

  • Finish markup documentation so I can start on the IUI paper tomorrow