Phil 11.30.2022

Get bike?

Social Quitting

  • These services had been shaved down to the point where most of us were only a hair’s breadth away from quitting, because all the surplus had been transferred from us and from business users to the companies.
  • And the incentives are different for different users. Lurking is cheaper than posting, trolling by robot is free, etc. Would be interesting to try to model that


  • Finish today!
  • Shutterstock first – done
  • Finish with footnotes – done


  • More writing – rolling in Rukan’s work
  • Send a date in December for Lauren – done
  • Chat with Aaron about JMOR paper

GPT Agents

  • Set up a weekly meeting with Jason for Tuesdays at 2:00
  • 4:00 Meeting – going to do some pulls for COVID racism. I tried out some new prompts using openAI’s chatbot and got some good results that I need to test.
  • is a tool to visualize networks and communities on the fediverse. It works by crawling every instance it can find and aggregating statistics on communication between these.